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OutSourced IT Department

Maintaining an internal IT department demands a breadth of skills and ongoing management of IT professionals’ career development, which can be challenging given the rapid pace of technical advancements. Consequently, many small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) opt against having an internal IT department due to budget constraints and the specialized skill set required. Outsourcing IT services involves delegating the management of information systems (IS) to external service providers, who provide expert staff either part-time or full-time to handle these tasks. Empower your business with our comprehensive IT department services, delivering unmatched quality and unwavering reliability for your technology needs.

Remote IT Asset Management

Given that many business processes rely on information systems, effective management of IT equipment is crucial for business viability. Failures or disruptions in IT infrastructure can significantly impact operations. Remote IT asset management systems enable small and medium-sized enterprises (VSEs and SMEs) to manage their IT resources with the same level of rigor, seriousness, and security as large international companies. Optimize your IT resources effortlessly with our remote asset management services, offering reliable monitoring and proactive maintenance. Experience seamless IT asset management from anywhere with our remote solutions, ensuring security, efficiency, and peace of mind. Transform your IT operations with our on-site outsourcing solutions, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the day-to-day IT tasks.

On-Site Outsourcing

The benefits of on-site outsourcing include freeing the company from routine IT tasks, allowing them to focus on core business activities. Outsourcing offers flexibility and can be tailored to accommodate the company’s IT equipment, software, and specific needs. This outsourcing can take different forms, such as scheduled interventions or having dedicated employees from the service provider on-site for daily tasks. By entrusting the management and maintenance of your IT assets to an external structure, you relieve yourself of menial tasks and concentrate on the core of your business.

Hire Dedicated Developers!

Hire remote Mobile and Web Developers smoothly and stop worrying about your work quality. Our developers are trained to work remotely with different time zones and adapt to your work hours. They also make sure to work in diverse teams and get work effectively. Scale your tech capabilities seamlessly by hiring our dedicated developers. Benefit from personalized attention and specialized skills for your project.

Custom Web & App Development


Tradister has a full time team of developers who are dedicated to work with you to develop your custom web and app development project. Transform your vision into reality with our custom web and app development solutions. Tailored to your unique requirements, our expert team delivers innovative digital experiences. Enhance user engagement, increase efficiency, and achieve your objectives with our tailored solutions.


Manage Multiple Stores from One Dashboard


Manage inventory, orders, customers, product catalogs, pricing and customer segmentation for multiple storefronts and marketplaces, all in one sharable admin view directly from Tradister dashboard. Gain complete control over your retail empire with our multi-store management dashboard. Monitor sales, track performance, and make informed decisions across all locations. Optimize your multi-store strategy with our intuitive management dashboard.

Build Your eStore

Create your own independent store-front without any dependency. You manage your own store and marketing from the catalog. You can make individual or wholesale store with all relevant ready made features quickly. The store is fully managed by our team from user additions to managing catalogs. Empower your brand with a robust eStore tailored to your needs. Our platform provides everything you need to start selling online, from product listings to secure payment processing.

White Label app for your Store​


Tradister will provide While label app with your own Brand Store as per request. The app will be completely in your own control. Stand out in the digital marketplace with a white label app that reflects your store’s unique identity. Deliver convenience and personalized interactions to your customers.



We provide order fulfillment. We pick, pack and forward to the shipping agent for you. We also have inventory storage services for some selected locations where we store your products and fulfill orders from there. We process returns as well for all your orders. Scale your business efficiently with our scalable fulfillment infrastructure. Whether you’re shipping a few orders or thousands, we’ve got you covered.



Tradister offers Point of Sale (POS) to our customers as well. You can use the inventory from main Tradister admin and manage POS with other store fronts with real time order Sync. Transform your retail experience with our advanced Point of Sale (POS) system. Streamline transactions, manage inventory, and delight customers with seamless checkout.

Digital Marketing for your Store


Tradister has a specialized team to work with your brand to make better sales with Digital Marketing proven strategies. Expand your reach and increase brand awareness with our strategic digital marketing approach. Let us optimize your online presence and drive meaningful engagement. We specialize in creating compelling content and executing targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience.

eRiders Management


The POS system utilizes the inventory data from Tradister’s main admin, ensuring that all product information and stock levels are up-to-date and consistent across different sales channels. Orders placed through the POS are instantly synchronized with other store fronts managed by Tradister. This ensures accurate and timely processing of orders, reducing the risk of overselling or inventory discrepancies. POS system enables management of multiple store fronts from a centralized platform. Customers benefit from a seamless shopping experience, whether they purchase products online, in-store using the POS, or through other store fronts. 


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