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Build Your eStore



Create your own independent store-front without any dependency. You manage your own store and marketing from the catalog. You can make individual or wholesale store with all relevant ready made features quickly. The store is fully managed by our team from user additions to managing catalogs.

Hire Dedicated Developers!

Hire remote Mobile and Web Developers smoothly and stop worrying about your work quality. Our developers are trained to work remotely with different time zones and adapt to your work hours. They also make sure to work in diverse teams and get work effectively.

Custom Web & App Development


Tradister has a full time team of developers who are dedicated to work with you to develop your custom web and app development project.


Manage Multiple Stores from One Dashboard


Manage inventory, orders, customers, product catalogs, pricing and customer segmentation for multiple storefronts and marketplaces, all in one sharable admin view directly from Tradister dashboard.



We provide order fulfillment. We pick, pack and forward to the shipping agent for you. We also have inventory storage services for some selected locations where we store your products and fulfill orders from there. We process returns as well for all your orders.

White Label app for your Store​


Tradister will provide While label app with your own Brand Store as per request. The app will be completely in your own control.

Digital Marketing for your Store


Tradister has a specialized team to work with your brand to make better sales with Digital Marketing proven strategies.


Tradister offers Point of Sale (POS) to our customers as well. You can use the inventory from main Tradister admin and manage POS with other store fronts with real time order Sync.

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